Melicera was born at the beginning of 2018 in Trikala by Jiota Nizami. However, its roots start in 1985 by her father and beekeeper, Mr. John Nizamis. Having studied in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology and after a long professional career in Switzerland, Jiota decided to go back to her roots and focus on what her childhood memories are full of. Honey.

Our profile:

  • We live by nomadic beekeeping because we believe that it is the healthiest and richest form of beekeeping.
  • We use the traditional methods of production and collection of honey, pollen, and royal jelly, with respect to nature and human beings.
  • No additives are used; the taste of bees is the only one included in our jar.
  • Honey varieties differ according to season and year, since nature is the one to define us.
  • Everything that we offer is a product of mother Earth.

Through the creation of our honey range… 4ANEMOI honey, we have put together a cosmopolitan atmosphere with tradition, experience, and the need for exquisite quality honey.

Our goal is to enrich our range and continue to offer you a healthy and enjoyable luscious trip to our blessed Greek land, through the delicate flavors of 4ANEMOI honey…

4ANEMOI honey…. exactly as collected from the honeycomb.