Wildflowers honey 4ANEMOI 250gr. is a delicious blend of the nectar, from the wild flowers and the orange blossom honey, as well the wholesome heather and thyme honey. It is a balanced aromatic bouquet, harvested from the bees throughout Greece.

… a high nutritional value honey and one of the most memorable honey tastes!
(sweet, vanilla and pepper aftertaste)

Wildflowers honey 4ANEMOI in 100gr.

…a package as small as needed, so that you can have and taste always “Some Greece” wherever you are!

Oak tree & forest honey 4ANEMOI 250gr.

Do you want to know the secrets of the forest?
Our oak tree and forest honey 4ANEMOI, brings you them on your plate! With a high percentage of oak pollen grains, this honey encloses the power of nature. Imagine a forest during early morning hours, the freshness and the scent of wood and you will be surprised on the first try!
Dark colour, full taste, not very sweet with high antioxidant properties!

Oak tree & forest honey 4ΑΝΕΜΟΙ 100gr

Oat tree & forest honey in travel size package.
a package as small as needed, so that you can have and taste always Some Greecewherever you are!

Lukumakis is a delicious candy from Melicera, which is made with simple ingredients and the rich taste of the fir honey 4ANEMOI. Lukumakis loved his grandma's handmade loukoumi combined with the honey, which occurred by accident as it was an incredible spring's afternoon honeyed discovery… Feel it from the first bite!

As squeezy as it needs to be, discreet, tasteful and full of memories, it accompanies perfectly your coffee time, tea time or your childhood memories!

When underground earth’s secrets combined with terrestrial floral nectar, then an exceptional gastronomic treasure with rich aromas and intense flavour is made. Melicera’s thyme honey product with black truffle is a gourmet choice, for those who seek special tastes. It accompanies perfectly meat, cheese, sauces, etc giving a different delightful experience.

Thyme honey product with black truffle (tuber aestivum) in 100gr vase. 
…fine meals served in small dishes!


There was once a bee that sat down to rest on a biscuit.
And due to her big love for this biscuit, we named it Beescotto!

We filled it with honey, added some extra "power" by adding juicy oranges and finally, we sprinkled drops of black chocolate.
.at the end, we adored it ourselves!! 

Traditional honey biscuits with
orange and dark chocolate drops…like those of mom!

The food of honeybees and a rich dietary component for humans. It provides energy, improves physical and brain function, strengthens the immune system, boosts the libido, reduces cholesterol levels, helps alleviate menopause symptoms, and makes a nutritional ally for longevity and wellbeing. It contains proteins, lipids, vitamins (C, E, B, P), enzymes, etc. It offers multiple beneficial qualities!

Not to be confused with the pollen that causes spring allergies, since that pollen is anemophilous. This one is entomophilous, which is dispersed by bees and has miraculous qualities.


A creamy substance and the queen bee’s food. It consists of water, protein, lipids, enzymes, vitamins (A, D, E, K and mostly B), aminoacids, etc. It is not just a simple dietary component, since it has a beneficial effect on chronic fatigue, allergies, autoimmune diseases, asthma, infertility, depression, endocrine disorders and hormonal imbalance, as well as a wide variety of other diseases or unpleasant situations.

A true health ally proven by science!

*Rare contraindications to pollen and royal jelly have been reported. In case of any uncomfortable symptoms (mouth itchiness, rash, nausea, diarrhea), stop intake immediately and consult your allergist.

Special Package

Melicera wooden package

Wooden handmade box with black leather on the top, gold details. Suitable for one honey pot 250gr or two of 250gr.

Made with love, to be offered with love..


Purse with satin laces.

In front is written our logo and behind «Greece inside»


…a very special and beautiful package suitable for the 250gr honey pot.